The Pirate’s Booty

The Pirate’s Booty

Author: Alex Westmore

Genre: LGBT, Historical

Goodreads Summary:

When Quinn Gallagher’s childhood friend is abducted from a dock in Ireland, she’ll do whatever it takes to come to the rescue—even if that means dressing as a man and joining the crew of one of the most notorious pirate captains the world has ever seen.

Quinn soon finds there is much to enjoy living as a man, in particular the company of other women. When she finds herself falling hard for Lady Fiona, a woman far above her own station, she is torn between revealing her true identity and continuing the façade of being a male pirate. Love is never easy, especially in the sixteenth century and especially under false pretenses.

Can Quinn live with one foot in two different worlds, or must she consign herself to either the lusty life of a pirate or the loveless life of a noble woman? Come sail the high seas in this exciting and erotic adventure with the fierce pirate Gallagher as your guide. You’re in for a wild ride and may even score some booty along the way.

pirates booty

Spoiler free Summary:

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

I have only ever read one other historical novel before, so this was such an interesting ride for me. The Pirate’s Booty is an exciting read about a lesbian having to do a she’s the man and disguise as a male pirate to rescue her best friend. I loved how the author took overdone plots and totally mixed them up!

I feel that a lot of LGBT books out there really lack action. It seems as though people assume LGBT can only apply to contemporary novels, but I LOVED the action that was weaved int this story. I mean you cant have an awesome pirate adventure without a fight or two!

The character development was outstanding. I felt like I could really get into the story since she made these characters so personable. Quinn/Kieran was definitely much different and refreshing from any other characters that I have read in the past.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this interesting take on a pirate adventure!

From your local bibliophile, until next time!

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