The Soul’s Expression

The Soul’s Expression

Author: Amy Alston

Genre: Historical, Romance

Goodreads Summary:

Katherine did what was expected of her, she married the man her parents deemed suitable. However, she could not do all that was expected of her. 

After less than a year of marriage, Katherine is coerced to a doctor’s office, where she must admit the humiliating fact that she hasn’t shared her husband’s bed. She knows what the diagnosis will be and the degrading treatments women with hysteria are subject to. But with a judgemental mother-in-law in tow and an impatient husband at home, the choice is not hers. 

Despite herself, she comes to trust the unusual and unconventional man treating her. And, when her increasingly volatile husband threatens to force from her that which she’s unable to give, she feels she must acquiesce to all of her doctor’s recommendations.

Swept up in a surge of self-discovery and sexual awakening, Katherine faces a new reason to be terrified. One she could never have imagined.

Due to adult themes and language, this novel is intended for readers 18 and over.


the souls expression

Spoiler free Summary:

I’m typically someone who sticks to anything and everything paranormal. I came across this book and was very intrigued. This is a topic that was covered not only in my history classes in college, but also my women’s writer class (I was an English Lit major). Hysteria is something that many women were accused of and sentenced to places such as the Mary Magdalene Hospital. Women could go there for things such as being a prostitute, pregnancy out of wedlock, and any man wanting to commit a woman.

The book started off with Katherine, the main character, who is forced to seek a doctors attention for the problem of not being able to bed her husband after 8 months of marriage. She is sure that the doctor is going to accuse her of hysteria and give her surgery or commit her. Then when she gets to know Dr. Hershaw and she discovers that he is truly wanting to help her. Bring in a mistress, drugs, and a budding romance and you have the perfect mixture for a historical romance that you cannot put down until the end.

I really enjoyed the ideas and concepts that the author put into the making of this book. This is a part of history that I had some background knowledge on and this really built off of that. It was very evident that the author did a lot of research into the making of this novel. I would definitely suggest this book to anyone looking for an intriguing historical romance!

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