VidCon 2017

Hello everyone! Sorry for my absence on the blog, I went to Vidcon, the youtube convention. It was a very interesting experience for me because I want to start booktubing more. As of now I only have four poorly made videos. While at the convention I went to two different bootube events.

The first one that I went to was a booktube panel. On the panel were Christine from polandbananabooks, Ariel Bissett, Marines from mynameismarines, Sasha from abookutopia, and Jesse from jessethereader. It was very interesting to watch this panel because at one time or another I have watched most of those booktubers and it was so weird to be seeing them in person. Though I loved hearing the answers to all the questions that Jesse was asking the others on the panel. The panel was a community event instead of creator, but I liked that they addressed things that would be helpful to fellow creators and not just bland questions for the fans. I also enjoyed hearing from Marines because I had never watched any of her videos yet, she seemed so sweet and genuine about her love for this community.

The next thing I went to was a booktube networking event that was only for creators and industry members. It was a tad awkward going into it because I didn’t know anyone in there. They had us all sit at round tables. The mediator did a really good job at giving us instructions to help us better get to know each other and what our channels were like. It was really fun and I got to know some really cool booktubers. I really liked this event because I have been wondering how to start connecting with other booktubers and make some friends:)

The last panel I went to was a five star panel, the only reason I decided to go was because the moderator was Christine from polandbananabooks. Though it ended up being a panel about different types of reviewers. The different reviews were for music, food, tv/videogames, movies, and books. This was one of my favorite panels and I almost didn’t even go to it. It was very fun to learn about how other reviews operate and how they all started. I’d have to say Daym Drops was my favorite reviewer on the panel, he reviews food and is hilarious! If you want to know how funny just check out his video about five guys, it is so funny. Then I noticed that all of the other booktubers were at the event and at the end I went over and said hi to Tasha from tashapolis. She is such a sweet person and I never realized how tall she is! Overall it was a great panel to experience!

The whole VidCon experience was amazing and I loved it! Can’t wait to make more bookish friends and maybe we can go to VidCon together next time!

Let me know what your favorite booktubers/book bloggers are in the comments!

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