The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening (Flash Back Book #2)

Author: L. J. Smith
Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult
So the Second book that I decided to read for my throwback to middle school reads is The Vampire Diaries. I read this book when I was about 12 or 13. Yet again another vampire book, I tell you I was obsessed with these.
Goodreads Summary:
A love triangle of Unspeakable Horror … Elena Searching for the ultimate thrill, she vowed to have Stefan. Stefan haunted by his tragic past, he struggled to resist her passion. Damon driven by revenge, he hunted the brother who betrayed him. The terrifying story of two vampire brothers and the beautiful girl torn between them.
Original Thoughts (what I can remember):
This was an interesting take on vampires, at the time it reminded me of twilight because Stefan doesn’t feed from the source. I also liked how the author came up with the idea that these spelled rings will stop them from being burned in the sunlight (a myth for most vampires). Another thing I thought at this time is that Katherine is a selfish person for reason I will not reveal for spoilers sake. Though the author does well on leaving you hanging and begging for another book to continue this love triangle that she is just beginning to develop.
Rating: 4.7
Current Thoughts:
For me it was way different reading it this time because the show came on when I was 14 and just finished their 8th and final season this year and I just finished watching it last week. So the whole time I was reading it I was comparing differences. It is very hard to come in as an unbiased reader when you are so attuned to the show and I was in the show way longer than the books. Some non spoiler differences were things such as the character Meredith not being in the show, but in the books. To me I feel like they made Caroline more like the Meredith in the show, so that way they didn’t have to cast another person. Two others are Elena’s aunt and younger sibling. Her aunt was Aunt Judith in the book and Jenna in the show. I think the change for this was due to the fact that the book was originally published in 1991, so they changed to Jenna for a more modern name since the show came out in 2009 (more than 10 years later). The younger sibling in the book is a 4 year old sister named Margaret, as opposed to the show where she has a brother about two years younger than her named Jeremy. I think was due to the fact that in the show they wanted her sibling to be more present, so they made him older so they could go to school together. Even though I was comparing things, I still enjoyed to do that.
Rating: 4
Full Review: SPOILERS AHEAD!!!
The story starts with Elena, who is your typical queen Bee of high school. Elena just got home from a vacation in France, this was because she needed an escape from the tragedy that she had recently suffered. She had just lost her parents. She is trying to get everyone babying her because her parents died.
A new kid, Stefan Salvatore, shows up at school. He is a dark and mysterious hottie, just like Bonnie said she saw in her future. She decides right then she wants Stefan to be hers, despite the fact that she is currently in a relationship with Matt. Like girl at least break up with one guy before you move onto the next. She tries finding way to talk to him, but he evades her. At this point it really surprised me because in the show Stefan knew who she was and was the one to pursue her. Also in the book Stefan has never previously been to Fells Church (the town).
Elena and her friends go to the cemetary together because she wanted to visit her parent graves. Elena makes a blood pact with the girls to win Stefan. The girls start to feel creeped out, then the Crow that Elena had seen earlier that morning showed up. They started to run away because they heard things. The next day the girls discover that someone was found dead under the bridge that they had crossed over while running. The next morning Elena breaks up with Matt because she no longer wats to be with him.
Next they have their homecoming dance, while there Elena asks Stefan to dance. He can’t because Caroline is with him and won’t let them. Awko Taco is you ask me. So Elena is angry and goes with Tyler. Tyler takes Elena with another couplds to the graveyard. Tyler wants to take her somewhere else. While there Tyler begins to get aggressive while she declines. I would have punched the bitchacho in the balls, don’t take that. Guess who comes to Elena’s rescue? Did you guess Stefan? Because you would be correct! He then takes her to his place to help fix her up since her dress got ripped. They finally kiss while there! Effing Finally!! She also sees a headband that she lost when in the cemetery in her room, so she knows that he for sure likes her.
She tells Stefan she loves him right after the Tyler incident. Honestly that is a bit soon, I meet you just met the man for god’s sake! Slow it down girl! Around this time you start to get a lot of flashbacks. These involve how they met Katherine and how she was turned by Klaus. I was surprised to learn that she was turned because she was ill most her life and she was still living with her father. It was odd because the reason was totally different in the show. Then Katherine convinces both of the brothers to love her. She then says that she wants to turn both of the brothers and live forever with them. They do not agree and argue with each other and her about it. She runs off and they discover her ashes and her ring to keep her from burning.
Elena puts together a halloween haunted house. During it Mr. Turner, one of the school teachers, is discovered dead. People think that Stefan did this because the attacks started when he showed up. Elena and Matt run to find Stefan and let him know that everyone is after him, he runs to escape. Elena goes to his home to see him after and she discovers him feeding. He explains all of the vampires and Katherine to Elena. Stefan starts to think maybe he was the one who caused all the attacks because he was in the area around all of them. Elena says maybe it’s his brothers. It turns out she was correct.
Stefan disappears and at the end Elena is calling for Damon to find out where Stefan went.
Final Thoughts:
Even if the whole time I was thinking of the show and book differences, it was still fun to read this book. I enjoyed the diary entries explaining what went down with Katherine and how she was turned. LJ Smith is definitely a gifted writer because I enjoy every book that she has come out with. I am excited for anything she will release in the future!
Until next time!

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