I am Mikayla. I am 21 and have a deep love for young adult literature. On my average day, when I am not working, I have my nose in my most recent novel. I am also an avid watcher of many booktubes. I graduated with a bachelor’s in english literature. English classes in University are typically a tad boring because you are being forced to read books outside of your genre. My favorite class was young adult literature, I took it because I typically read that genre. Once I finished with the class I finally realized that young adult literature was my true passion and I wanted to do something with it. It took me awhile, but I thought a blog would be the best way to meet people who feel the way I do and will share the same as me about these books.
My passion for books began when I was 12 years old. I had an english teacher, if I remember correctly her name was Ms. Martin. Up until this point I had loathed reading. Looking back I think it was because I was forced to start reading and up until then hadn’t found that perfect book that made me fall in love with books.This english teacher was determined to find a book that would get me to read. One day she gave me Don’t You Dare Read This, Mrs. Dunphrey, this book got me interested in reading, but I wasn’t totally in love yet. Then a month or two later the movie Twilight, as you all know it was based on the famous book. After watching it I fell in love with the story. This inspired to me to go to the nearest bookstore and purchase the book. I proceeded to read the book over the next week. Once I finished it I went on to the next and the next. I had finally discovered that I actually loved books. SO that is how I came to be the avid reader that I am today.
I made this blog because none of my friends and family share the same passion as I do. Some like books, but usually not the ones I do or the extent that I do. For awhile now I have wanted to get into the online book community. My dream is to find people from this blog and others that share my passion for the same books. I plan to write a post after every book I read and maybe some others! Most of the books I read are young adult literature, but I will read others that are science fiction, fantasy, and romance.
I am excited to be apart of this community and I hope you enjoy!

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